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Cinderella ki shaadi Cinderella ki shaadi It has the most effective ingredients of a daily soap a village girl, raised by her cruel aunt and uncle, desires her prince charming and gets married to a rich and handsome businessman but only for the story to take a twist! 'Banoo serious Teri Dulhann'(Zee)Which will replace 'tumhari disha' from august 14 at the 8 pm slot promises Earrings to be a show with an improvement.In addition, the debuting two, divyanka tripathi(Vidya)And furthermore sharad malhotra(Sagar), Is a 'Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj' exposure. Divyanka is from bhopal and did telefilms for doordarshan.Having an uncanny likeness to actor gauri pradhan, the debutante relates,"I am extremely classic and shy.I am glad to have been given this chance.After 'zee cinestar ' i did not think of bollywood because i am not confident with the glamour attached to it, Yet, with etrio Watches Sale sharad malhotra(Sagar)Television was a natural further advancement. "After starting 'zee cinestar ' i came to mumbai from kolkata and have done several commercials for the last four years, he admits that. Both the stars agree that tv on pc is a much safer industry. "The risk factor far less compared to bollywood.You're click, you be completely removed, states that sharad.Divyanka Tiffany Pendants UK is quick to add new,"The precense is also very high in television.People see you each day, Sharad is also unperturbed by such things as most soaps these days have only women protagonists. "I don't believe it matters.In 'banoo ' it will be several twists and turns and the focus will be equally divided, he tells.