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Flower Girl Dresses people get really into the details

Beds herts and bucks We talk to laila bray, the wedding coordinator for stowe landscape gardens, claydon house and the kings head in aylesbury to find out what her job involves. So you just got married and are lost without talking about florists, cakes, wedding dresses and caterers?Could do that for a living you think!That will fill the aching void in my life! Well have you also considered that planning somebody else wedding is probably not half as interesting as your own, and what about all those unsociable hours? ! But then again, wouldn it be nice to be in a job where everybody was working towards a happy event? ! To find out, we spoke to laila bray, a functions and events coordinator for some national trust properties in the aylesbury vale including stowe landscape gardens and claydon house, and she also helping the kings head in aylesbury with launching their property as a reception venue! How long have you been doing this job?Laila:It will be two years in july but i was working for the national trust for quite a while before that.I kind of stumbled into the job and really enjoyed it so i was really lucky. What do you do on a daily basis?Laila:I mainly deal with a lot of enquiries and show people round both stowe gardens and claydon house.I deal with a bit of the marketing of both venues for weddings as well but there also a marketing and Wedding Guest Dresses Australia communications coordinator.I deal with events for both properties as well and help other members of staff plan them. I am dealing with enquiries constantly, when i arrive in the morning there are always loads of enquiries in my inbox from people wanting a brochure. I also meet with brides and grooms.Some couples want a lot more involvement from me than others.Some are constantly on the phone asking me questions and some you barely see until the wedding! So you work a lot of weekends then?Laila:Yes especially through the summer, it quite a special thing to have a weekend off. So it not an easy job then?Laila:It quite unsociable hours, and i work quite a few evenings as well.There are evening events and wedding rehearsals going on, and obviously people can come to visit during normal working hours so they have to be shown round in evenings or at weekends.It fairly unsociable hours, especially through the summer which is our main wedding season, but i think it worth it!I do really enjoy it! The king's head, aylesbury What sort of qualities do you think you need to do this job?Patience is one, i would imagine? !Laila:Yes and the ability to stay quite calm in a crisis.I like to think it also just being quite a friendly person, and quite approachable and it helps if really love the properties you work at.I think that helps me to sell it to the couples that i showing round. You have to be quite organised in order to sort everything out, especially when you got weddings on most weekends and the build up for all the weddings is all happening at the same time.It can get quite frantic and hectic during the summer. So if weddings are happening at both properties do you have to split your time?Laila:I try wherever possible to avoid that.With me being the only wedding coordinator i am actually limited on the number of weddings i can hold at both venues, so i try and work out that they never clash that the idea anyway! So this job is more about planning an event rather than just weddings?Laila:Yes.My job is both weddings and events, but i would imagine that there aren many jobs like this going, and i feel really lucky to have found this one! And you are at all the weddings?Laila:Yes at both venues we won hold more than one wedding on one day so that the couples have got exclusivity and they won bump into another bride and groom having their photos taken! Are you there from first thing in the morning?Laila:Yes and it usually quite an early start on a wedding day as well.I pretty much do everything to do with the weddings, from taking the initial enquiry to showing people round to taking the bookings, dealing with all the enquiries from the couples before the wedding and doing all the setting up.I meet with the florists and musicians and get all those in the right place and then on the day i make sure that the bride and groom are in the right place at the right time and the registrars are where they need to be and i also make sure that we got all the drinks and canaps and things. And you there until the end?Laila:Yes well currently we only hold civil ceremonies at both venues but we are looking to do the receptions at both.Therefore, so far it hasn been too much of a late finish but it might be in the future! Have there ever been any disasters?Laila:[laughs] Not on our part no!But there are over 40 temples and monuments in stowe gardens.We got two that are licensed for civil ceremonies and there another one where you can hold a drinks reception if you want to, and we had a caterer deliver the food to the wrong place and we had to try and transport it to the right place.We also had musicians try and turn up in the wrong place because it such an unusual venue but nothing too monumental or disastrous has happened.Everyone has always got married and been happy when they leave! Do you prefer people who just turn up on the day to those who ask loads of questions in the run up?Laila:I don know it nice when people make contact a bit because then at least they know exactly what happening, whereas some people just kind of turn up and expect it all to go exactly how they have it in their mind but unfortunately they haven told me how they have it in their mind! How on earth can they leave it to the day? !Laila:I don know we get all kinds of Wedding Dresses couples! There was one couple at stowe house which is on the same site as the garden but it not national trust, who needed their wedding cake to be facing a certain direction on a compass point and they needed all the pins that held their table seating to be a certain colour.Some people just go really over the top and some people are just happy to go with the flow! I was going to ask you about strange requests but was the cake direction the oddest? !Laila:Some people are very precise about the colours.We provide flower petal confetti for the gardens because the temples are so delicate and normal pigment, even in petal confetti that isn freeze dried, can run if it a rainy day and we actually dyed a little bit of a temple pink once!So now they have to order it through us and the company we use can actually match the petal confetti to a swatch of fabric they can be that precise about it!Some Flower Girl Dresses people get really into the details. We had some strange weddings as well.The most popular temple is the 18th century temple of concord and victory which is quite grecian looking and we had a greek themed wedding there before where the bride and groom and guests were in togas.There have been some strange things!